Sunday, May 28, 2006

[Clarification] American Friends of Guinea is not part of FOG

Newsletter editor Woody Collahan noticed this article about the founding of a new non-profit group called American Friends of Guinea (AFG).

AFG was chartered by the CEO of Hyperdynamics Corp. which, according to Business Wire, has a very large oil and gas concession offshore the Republic of Guinea... The goal of the new non-profit is to fund medical aid and infrastructure to help improve the quality of medical care for the people living in Guinea.

The board of Friends of Guinea (FOG) would like to issue the following clarification to eliminate any confusion. American Friends of Guinea is in no way linked to or affiliated with FOG, nor have any members of AFG been in contact with us. The two organizations are completely separate.

-Brian Farenell
FOG Communications Director

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JT said...

I'm left to wonder how such a clearly capitalistic company can call themselves non-profit. It wouldn't be the first time, though, that someone has used the word Friend (or American, for that matter) to conceal a sinister motive. Anyway, I'm glad you posted the clarifiction, Thank you!