Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[NGO news] Anti-slavery awards

FOG received the following communiqué from the non-governmental organization Free the Slaves. It seems particularly poignant in the wake of the landmark decision by an ECOWAS (West African) regional court ruling that the government of Niger had failed to protect a young woman who'd been sold into slavery at age 12.

Free the Slaves writes:

Free the Slaves works to end slavery, once and for all, throughout the world. In 2009, we shall be giving our second annual Freedom Awards to individuals and community-based groups that are engaged in this struggle.

Winners of the Awards are nominated by those who know their work, or by themselves. General information is available in French, Spanish and English, although the application forms themselves need to be submitted in English.

Would you please circulate the link below to all Friends of Guinea members? They are invited to notify and nominate appropriate candidates and, if need be, to assist them in filling out the forms. The link may also be forwarded to any contacts in Benin for them to identify other candidates.

In 2008, some candidates were nominated by more than one source. Duplication does not enhance or diminish the chances of winning an award.

www.freetheslaves.net offers both information on the 2008 winners, and access to the 2009 nomination forms. A French explanation is provided (with some regrettable -- that we hope are disarming -- typos). The deadline for nominations is December 1.

I will be glad to answer any questions by email or phone. Thank you for helping to identify possible recipients from Guinea for these prestigious
awards .

Helen Armstrong (RPCV, Kenya Education 1)
Free the Slaves
514 10th St. 7th floor
Washington DC 20004

home 860 742 2796

Thursday, October 02, 2008

[Guinean news] Happy birthday Guinea

There are celebrations today in Conakry to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Guinean independence. Attendees included the Ivorian and Bissao-Guinean heads of state.

On October 2, 1958, Guinea declared independence from France, only four days after having voted overwhelmingly for it in a referendum. Guinea became the first colony in sub-Saharan Africa to breakaway from the France. Within two years, the French empire in Africa had evaporated.

Radio France Internationale has look back (in French) of Guinea's first half century as well as interviews with Guineans of various backgrounds.