Friday, March 31, 2006

[Guinean news] Conté's return; neighbors' summit

The Guinean head of state, Gen. Lansana Conté, is back in the country after hospitalization in Switzerland. A big homecoming was staged for the ailing general but journalists were not allowed to cover the event, not even from the state-run media.


A piece from All Africa opines that in Guinea, 'no coups are good coups.'


High officials from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, held a three-way summit in the Liberian town of Foya. They issued a joint communique urging for the peaceful resolution of a dispute of the town of Yenga, which is a mineral-rich village within Sierra Leone but has been occupied by Guinean troops. The Liberian Analyst added that The communiqué also pledged its support for [the West African economic community's] moratorium on the proliferation of small arms and the [UN Development Program's] initiative on arms for development, and also recommended joint border security patrols as well as frequent security meetings of the three countries.

The resolution also solicited the re-establishment and improvement of the international markets of Koindu in Sierra Leone, Foya in Liberia and Gueckedou in Guinea as a means of empowering local residents.

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