Thursday, November 30, 2006

[Guinean news] Declining socioeconomic conditions in Guinea

The UN's IRIN news service has run several disturbing articles on the declining socioeconomic climate in Guinea.

-Primary and secondary school enrollment is falling dramatically as cost of living skyrockets.

-Conditions at universities aren't much better.

-The dramatic rise of violent crime in Conakry. Perhaps this is because...

-Crime is the capital's only growth industry.

-Malnutrition is also on the rise. The country's main pediatric hospital reports having admitted more than double the number of children for malnutrition already this year than in 2003.

The Wall Street Journal reported (article available only to the paper's subscribers) that rising global energy prices are making things worse in Guinea.

Maybe the Guinean government is counting on its recently launched $36 billion lawsuit against the Democratic Republic of the Congo to solve these problems.

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