Thursday, December 21, 2006

[FOG/PC-Guinea projects news]: Library project in Bintimodia

Friends of Guinea Secretary Stephanie Chasteen reports:

A PCV in Bintimodia is fundraising for a library. He still needs over $1500! You can donate to his project through PCPP at

The Bintimodia Library and resource center will be opened to the public community to provide written resources, encourage a culture of reading and literacy, and provide a distraction-free environment for studying. Bintimodia will partner with the library in Kamsar -the closest established library- in establishing professional standards and procedures as well as in receiving preliminary training for librarians. To stimulate interest in the community, community events and readings for young children will be held each month and library promotion fliers distributed throughout the surrounding community.

Update: Steph reports that this project has now been funded. However, she also shared info on other PC-Guinea projects of note. That can be found by clicking here.

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