Sunday, January 28, 2007

[Guinean news] General strike over

The BBC reports that unions in Guinea have ended the 17 day old general strike that paralyzed the nation and during which nearly 60 people have died. The head of state Gen. Lansana Conté agreed to name a prime minister who would be head of the government.

A three-way communiqué agreed to by the government, unions and state institutions was read over state radio by a union leader, according to Guinéenews.

According to the communiqué, the strike is suspended as of tonight (20 Jan.) because the principal demands, notably the naming of a consensus prime minister/head of government, the improvement of the living conditions of workers and many others, were satisfied.

The union leader emphasized that the new prime minister, who has not yet been named, is supposed to have the power to propose to the president both members of the government and high-ranking state officials. He also added that the central bank would become an institution entirely independent from the executive.

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