Thursday, February 15, 2007

[FOG news] Election time!

Dear Friends of Guinea members
It's election time again!

Every year, the following positions for Friends of Guinea's board are up for election: membership director, communications director, advocacy director, financial director, projects director and secretary.

We have candidates for a few of those positions but we really need volunteers for the following positions:

-Advocacy director

-Communications director

The advocacy director follows issues relating to the Peace Corps, to Guinea and to international development and keeps the membership informed of key concerns.

The communications director is responsible for any communications that might occur with outside organizations, such as other Friends of * organizations. The communications director is also the point person for the newsletter coordinator, web admin and blogmaster

If you have questions about or want to know more about advocacy or communications, please contact me Brian Farenell at communications @ as I have served in both positions.

Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday February 28. Ballots will be emailed to all FOG members on March 1. Elections will be during the period of March 1-15. And new officers will start on shortly thereafter, though outgoing officers will remain available in the beginning to assist with the transition period.

If you are a member of FOG and would like to volunteer for one of these positions or have any other questions, please contact Elections Coordinator Woody Collahan at fogelections2007 @

Thank you.

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