Monday, March 19, 2007

[FOG news] Thanks Steph!

On behalf of the board of directors, I would to extend a special thanks to outgoing secretary Stephanie Chasteen. Steph was the energy and driving force not only behind Friends of Guinea's creation but behind its operations.

While many volunteers have contributed to making FOG what it is today, it's hard to overstate the critical role Steph has played in that process. Like any good builder, her efforts have made it so FOG is not dependent on any one person. As someone who's worked with Steph since almost the beginning, I can not fathom how much time and energy she has contributed to the organization in the last seven years. FOG has become a great organization in no small part because of her.

Steph assures us that she will continue to be available to help us out when needed, but she wants to step away from the formal duties. Thanks Steph for everything you've done!

-Brian Farenell
FOG Communications Director

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