Thursday, May 10, 2007

[Guinean news] More army pay riots... this time in Guéckédou

In recent weeks, rioting by disaffected soldiers has broken out in several Guinean cities. Today, there was violence in the southeastern border town of Guéckédou, with one person being killed.

The army claims that wages have been withheld since 1996, when an army mutiny-cum-attempted coup costs hundreds of lives, and wants the re-integration of troops who were sacked after the 1996 events.

On Wednesday, the military chief announced that all soldiers not promoted within the past five years would automatically be promoted one rank, reported the AFP news agency. But rioting in Guéckédou erupted to day nonetheless.

The streets of Gueckedou were immediately deserted and markets shut when the soldiers started rampaging across the town on Thursday.

The IRIN reports that these riots indicate just how fragile the Guinean government is.

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