Thursday, May 24, 2007

[Guinean news] Trade unions hold conference; parliamentary inquiry into general strike deaths

Guinean trade unions are hosting a major international trade conference in Conakry yesterday and today.

The conference will address three main issues: economic and social development, governance and institutions, and human rights [and] will conclude its work by adopting a road map highlighting the demands of the trade union movement and Guinea's civil society for the long process of consolidating peace, democracy and development in Guinea, according to a press release from the International Trade Union Confederation.


The Guinean National Assembly has approved the creation of a commission of inquiry into the killing of civilians by security forces in June 2006 and during the general strike of January and February of this year. Channel Africa's Africa Rise and Shine radio program reported that the commission will comprise 19 members from diverse professions. Human rights groups welcomed the commission's creation but warned that the creation of previous parliamentary inquiries hadn't resulted in any significant follow up.

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