Thursday, June 28, 2007

[Guinean news] Security forces a 'permanent menace' to the people: Amnesty

After conducting investigations into the killings that marred the Guinean general strike earlier this year, Amnesty International issued its findings (in French).

The human rights' organization concluded that the Guinean security forces were 'a permanent menace for the population.'

Amnesty reported that the security forces resort to the use of force against the population each time that the government feels threatened. The fact that no one has been held accountable shows clearly that the authorities, up to the highest level, have ignored these dealings and even encouraged them.

The organization called on the government to take actions to prevent the security forces from using excessive force against unarmed civilians and to give material and juridical reparations the the families of the over 130 people killed and over 1500 wounded during the violent repression of mostly peaceful marches that occured in Guinea in January and February 2007.

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