Thursday, June 14, 2007

[Guinean news] Thousands of girl 'slaves' in Guinea: HRW

The non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch revealed that thousands of girls in Guinea face abuse as domestic workers, often live in conditions comparable to slavery and many are victims of human trafficking.

The research in Guinea showed that thousands of girls spent their childhood and adolescence doing housework, such as cleaning, washing and taking care of small children, often for no pay.

The report said the girls were vulnerable to sexual abuse and many were beaten with whips, electric cords and sticks.

They are often trapped in this cycle of abuse partly because they are deprived of an education
, reports the BBC.

Human Rights Watch says most of the employers in Guinea are women from the urban middle class who demand a girl from poorer relatives or from an intermediary in the countryside.

Update: The HRW press release (in English) is available here. The full report (in French) is available here.

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