Tuesday, August 07, 2007

[Guinean news] Hyperdynamics' contract and finances under scrutiny

The site Guineeconakry.info reports that an affiliate of the oil company Hyperdynamics has expressed its willingness to rewrite their controversial contract with the Guinean government for the right to explore and exploit potential offshore oil and gas reserves. The contract was widely criticized in the Guinean press and society for being far too favorable to the Houston-based company.

For its part, Guinéenews claims that the Conkary bank accounts of the Hyperdynamics' affiliate were frozen last week.

The US head of Hyperdynamics has reportedly created a non-governmental organization called American Friends of Guinea, which is not affiliated in any way to Friends of Guinea.

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rosco said...

It is essential that all Guineans who love their motherland stand up to the norto american company which calls itself hyperdyanamics.
Why let an outsider come and steal your wealth? Why is your black gold being given away as cheaply as if it were ocean water?
Keep your wealth in Guinea, and let proper Guineans do the stealing, as has been proper for years.
POOH!! on hyperdynamics.

Anonymous said...

It is essential that after so many years under French colonialism for Guineas to control their resources and the time is right now to profit from this, for the benefit of Guinea. Hyperdynamics has been in Guinea for many years now. Do not fool yourselves with communists and neo-fascists that want to steal this great opportunity for Guinea to be free and rich.

Anonymous said...

The above has to be one of the most Orwellian comments I've read in a long time. Guinea must control its resources and become free by selling out cheap to foreign exploiters. Because honorable oil companies have done so much to help other African countries become rich and free. The average Gabonese and Angolan live lives of misery amidst the opulence of a few. Nigeria is one of the world's largest oil producers yet Nigerians suffer through chronic gasoline shortages. Equatorial Guineans are as poor and unfree as North Koreans. OIl companies can do for Guinea what they did to Gabon, Angola, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea? Sorry, Guinea doesn't deserve that.