Wednesday, March 05, 2008

[FOG news] What else should Friends of Guinea be doing?

Currently Friends of Guinea does many things thanks to the time and effort of its volunteers including...

-Maintaining Guinea general listserv
-Maintaining Guinea PCV parents' listserv (GPS)
-Maintaining RPCV directory
-Publish a quarterly newsletter
-Maintaining a website (as well as a version in French)
-Publishing a blog
-Offering resources for prospective PCVs and their families
-Funding of development projects in Guinea, including the gender conferences
-Partnering with organizations like Guinéenews and Partage Québec Guinée

We can't guarantee that we can do everything but we'd certainly like feedback from members about what sorts of things you'd like to see us try that we are not currently doing. Please leave your ideas in the comments section of this page or email me at communications @

Brian Farenell
Communications Director

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