Tuesday, May 27, 2008

[Guinean news] Sacking of PM condemned

The recent decision by head of state Gen. Lansana Conté to fire the national unity government prime minister Lansana Kouyaté has been widely condemned.

The UN’s IRIN news service called the sacking a ‘threat to stability,’ a prediction which seemed validated by yesterday’s kidnapping of the national army chief.

One of the main opposition parties, the Guinean People’s Rally (RPG), said it would refuse to participate in a government headed by any prime minister unilaterally appointed by Conté.

The RPG declaration was another blow for [the newly named prime minister Ahmed Tidiane] Souaré, who has said he would like to form a politically all-inclusive government to push ahead with reforms, noted Reuters.

Though the RPG had no members in the Kouyaté cabinet.

And perhaps most crucially, the Guinean trade unions have rejected Souaré’s appointment as a violation of last year’s agreement between them and Conté and threatened another general strike.

"We solemnly demand that this decree be revoked and if necessary a prime minister be named, complying with the profile defined in the accords," said Ibrahima Fofana, head of the USTG union.

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