Thursday, January 22, 2009

[Guinea news] Guarded optimism about new government's agenda

The IRIN news service has an article about Guineans' 'guarded optimism' about the country's new government.

Junta leader Capt. Moussa Dadis Camara, took to the airwaves last week to pronounce the discours programme, or agenda, of his government.

Some of the key points proposed by the head of state as underlined by Guinéenews:

-Revision of the mining code and of mining contracts 'in the interest of all parties.'

-A program of self-sufficiency in the local production of rice

-The privatization of the state-run energy, water and telecommunications companies

-The creation of universities in the country's big cities and improvements to those in Conakry

-An end to 'illicit medical practices that cost the lives of many Guineans.'

-The creation of a paved, toll transational autoroute giving access to all of the country's prefectures before the end of 2010.

-The creation of jobs program for 10,000 young people

-A professionalization of the army and obligatory military service for college graduates.

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