Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Guinean news] Guinea affected by yellow fever, worm invasion

The UN is responding to another yellow fever outbreak in Guinea.

Additionally, a nasty invasion of something called army worms has caused ecological devastation in Liberia and has crossed the border into Sierra Leone and the forest region of Guinea. The invasion was so bad that Liberia's president declared a national state of emergency.

It is unclear exactly what's happening in Guinea, but the UN reports that in Liberia, the worms left wells contaminated with their feces, fields empty of crops and markets lacking food.

In Gbarnga, a Liberian town not far from the southeastern Guinean city of N'Zérékoré, the cost of some foods has more than doubled: a large bunch of bananas now cost US$10 up from $4; 1 kg taros that used to cost 38 cents now costs $2.25.

Agence France Presse identifies Yomou as one of the regions in Guinea affected by the worms.

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