Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[FOG news] Friends of Guinea announces new leadership

Following the recent election, FOG is pleased to announce its new board of directors for the upcoming year...

Projects director: Donald Parker

Secretary: Katalina Estrada

Communications director: Rosemarie Rose

Financial officer: Shad Engkilterra

Membership director: Brian Clappier


We'd also like to welcome the following new volunteers who've offered to help out as members-at-large

Web admin: Karen Star & Jessamyn Miller

Guinea Parent Support (GPS): Diane Carlson & Meghan Greeley


Please join us in thanking the following outgoing board members and members-at-large for their service to the organization...

Stephanie Chasteen (secretary)

Claire Lea (projects)

Brian Farenell (communications)

Nathan Shepherd (web)

Sharon Buehler (GPS)

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