Thursday, August 13, 2009

[Guinean news] Flooding in Conakry

The UN's IRIN news service reports that flooding has hit parts of the Guinean capital Conakry last week. IRIN notes that torrential rains caused extensive damage in the Damondy neighborhood, near the international airport. The rains flooded homes, washed away belongings and destroyed some crops locals grow nearby.

It added: Dabondy residents said the area lacks the infrastructure to evacuate water. Everyone IRIN spoke to pointed to a low bridge nearby, where rubbish packed underneath hinders the passage of water. Fuel residue mixed in with debris in the area has exacerbated the blockage and hurt crops, residents said.

Other areas of the capital were also affected but Dabondy was particularly hard hit.

The UN news service points out that Dabondy is affected by flooding every year but that the rains have been particularly hard this year.

One resident who gave her name as Madame Bah said the floodwaters submerged a community well and swept away the cover. The well was used for cooking and bathing water; for drinking water residents fill jerry cans at a communal tap about 5km away.

The mayor of Matoto, the district in which Dabondy is located, blamed the residents for not being able to afford to build their houses anywhere else.

Note: a reader contacted me asking me if I had any more information other than the IRIN article on the flooding. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted this email and can not reply to her directly. But I do not really have any further details. I contacted an acquaintance of mine in Conakry but she didn't know much about it and hadn't been affected. If any readers have any further information, please feel free to comment.

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