Wednesday, October 07, 2009

[Guinean news] Guinean women increasingly 'prey' of soldiers; Sec. Clinton calls for junta to leave power

The New York Times had an article on the hugely troubling phenomenon of women increasingly becoming "prey" of out-of-control men in uniform.

Cellphone snapshots, ugly and hard to refute, are circulating here and feeding rage: they show that women were the particular targets of the Guinean soldiers who suppressed a political demonstration at a stadium here last week, with victims and witnesses describing rapes, beatings and acts of intentional humiliation, the piece begins, before adding, But even more than the shootings, the attacks on women — horrific anywhere, but viewed with particular revulsion in Muslim countries like this one — appear to have traumatized the citizenry and hardened the opposition’s determination to force out the leader of the military junta, Capt. Moussa Dadis Camara.

The daily also reported that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only condemned the violence but took the unusual step of saying that the military junta "cannot remain in power."

The paper added that Sec. Clinton's deputy met with the Guinean head of state and told him he was responsible for the violence, despite the captain's denials. Dadis was "noncommittal" when pressured to hold to his earlier promise not to run in January's presidential elections. The with Captain Camara is seen as significant by Africa experts as an example of President Obama’s push for good governance and human rights on the continent.

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