Monday, April 07, 2014

[FOG News] New Blogger From Guinea

Friends of Guinea,

My name is Shreyan Sen, PCV Guinea '12-'14. I'll be your second new blogger writing live from Guinea. Some background about myself- I'm an Ed Volunteer from the Haute region, stage G22. I'll be COS'ing in September, but until then I hope to shed some light on contemporary Guinea, for old Guinea hands, new invitees, and anyone else who loves this quixotic country.

My beautiful site goes by the name Djelibakoro (cryptically telling us that the griot is below)- it's a new site, but it's also the twin site to older Niandankoro, over on the Niger where Kankan Prefecture turns into Siguiri Prefecture. Years ago the two prefectures were separated by that river, but today Djeliba/Niandan is host to Guinea's largest bridge, connecting the two villages and the shiny, perfect road that passes from Kankan all the way to Bamako.

At site, when I'm not teaching, I like to invest time in my secondary projects, several of which involve my school (WASH-Friendly Schools & School Garden projects). My favorite project by far though is the solar drying project, because mangoes are Allah's apology for hot season, and they're even better during cold season. Food transformation is awesome, am I right?

Writing about Guinea is fun, and it's even better when you can actually answer people's questions and talk about what really interests them. So if curiosity ever calls, leave a comment on the blog detailing what you'd like to know about contemporary Guinea and I'll try to answer. And especially for RPCVs, comment back and tell us what Guinea was like back during your service!

Awa, An Be Koffe!

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