Saturday, April 29, 2006

[NPCA news] Advocacy news and links from the National Peace Corps Association

From the NPCA's advocacy website:

-Many RPCVs will be participating Save Darfur rallies in many cities tommorrow Sunday April 30. Click here for more information on the marches. Click here for more information on the genocide in Darfur, Western Sudan or here for info on the broader humanitarian crisis in the region.

-The NPCA profiled many RPCVs who are working for cleaner energy or on climate change issues.

-The NPCA continues to work with Oxfam America on the Trade Justice campaign.

-The organization has also joined the One Campaign (also known by the slogan Make Poverty History).

-The site also featured a nice profile on Jamaica Corker, a Guinea RPCV and FOG member for the excellent activism work she has done.. According to the site, Jamaica has been an active participant in the NPCA’s Trade Justice Campaign, participating last fall in an advocacy day on Capitol Hill, and later volunteering in the NPCA office. More recently, Jamaica was hired as a consultant by Oxfam America to help coordinate the recently completed “Week of Action on Trade Justice”. This included accompanying and interpreting for Mali agriculture activist Seydou Coulibaly during speaking programs through Kentucky and Virginia. Bravo Jamaica!

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