Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[FOG news] Thanks to Woody Collahan and Stephanie Chasteen

FOG membership director Stephanie Chasteen wanted thank newsletter editor Woody Collahan on the occassion of the fourth anniversary of the first Ca va newsleter.

She wrote: I just wanted to send an impromptu and heartfelt THANKS to Woody for coordinating our newsletter for all these years. He's put out our newsletter four times a year reliably for, gosh, 4 years or so? I was suddenly struck by how important this is for our organization, and how different FOG would be without a newsletter. I know this is a time-consuming job, and I wanted to remercier him encore.

This was prompted by my observation of another organization that I have been involved with for years that hasn't had a newsletter for many years. Perhaps it's a chicken-and-egg problem, but that organization has very little sense of cohesiveness, no way to share important news around the community, no way no know who the board members are. Sure, there are listservs, but not everyone's on there and email is different. We at FOG have a place where information about the organization is supposed to go, isn't seen as email inbox clutter, and serves as a forum for those who would like to share stories or news.

Thank you thank you Woody. I hope you can keep it up when you're a daddy, but if you can't, know that we appreciate the contributions you've made.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Steph herself. Prior to her yeomen efforts as membership director and secretary, she was the original website administrator. As such, she helped developed FOG's webpages into an award winning medium that is extremely informative for members and Guinea-philes alike. The newsletter and the website are the two most important elements in helping this virtual organization feel like a real community.

We value the efforts of all our volunteers. But we wanted to particularly salute Steph and Woody for their unparalleled service over the last several years in helping Friends of Guinea become the organization it is today.

-Brian Farenell
Communications Director

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