Thursday, May 11, 2006

[Guinean news] Newspaper suspended; Guinea near top of 'failed state' index

The Guinean government has been heavily criticized for suspending publication of the newspaper L'Enquêteur.

The twice-monthly paper published an article criticizing Gen. Lansana Conté's regime. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the article spoke of divisions among senior government leaders, corruption, and a lack of political dialogue which have virtually paralyzed the Guinean state.

The paper was suspended by the country's National Communications Council (CNC). Ironically, the CNC is chaired by Boubacar Yacine Diallo... who was the founder of L'Enquêteur.

This is hardly the first attack on press freedom as most of the major independent newspapers have been raided or otherwise harassed at some point in the last decade. Private radio and television broadcasters do not exist, despite a 2005 decree legalizing them.


Recently, Foreign Policy magazine issued its annual Failed States Index. The index ranks countries' stability via such factors as economy, human rights, uneven development and nine other spheres.

Guinea ranked as the 11th most unstable state in the world, 3rd worst among countries not at war.

Black Star Journal* blog has an analysis of what the numbers mean and what it augers for Guinea's future.

*-Note: Black Star Journal is the personal blog of FOG's Communications Director.

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