Friday, May 12, 2006

[Web sites] Blogs by Guinea PCVs and RPCVs

Below are some blogs of note that might be of interest to FOG members...


-Lisa in Guinea, a PCV in Dinguaraiye.

-Ramblings from My Two Years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa, by PCV Amy.

-The Tasty Bits, by PCV Fai in Forecariah.

-Andrea Experiences Africa, by a PCV.

-Amy's Adventures in Africa, by a PCV in Dubreka.

-Living in "The Layers", by PCV Bonnie.

-Emerged from a Meerkat colony in Kalahari Desert, by PCV Melinda.

-Guinea!, by future PCV Frank McGowan.


-Mr. Vickstrom's Class, by the brother of an RPCV who served in Dinguaraiye.

-Black Star Journal, commentary on African current events by RPCV Brian who served in Beindou Centre, near Kissidougou.

-My Life in Guinea, a site by Urska, an RPCV who served in Siguiri

-Stephanie Chasteen's website, an RPCV who served Baguinet, near Fria.

-Mike in Guinea: 1999-2001, a site by RPCV Mike Manske.

If you know any more blogs by Guinea PCV or RPCV (not necessarily about the Guinea-Peace Corps experience), please email them to me at

A great big thanks to Gambia RPCV Mike Shepard, who provided many of these.

-Brian Farenell
FOG Communications Director

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