Saturday, May 13, 2006

[NPCA news] Advocacy -- international affairs budget

From the National Peace Corps Association's advocacy wing:

As part of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign, the NPCA is involved in a collaborative effort to increase support for the International Affairs Budget. Senators DeWine, Feinstein, Santorum, and Durbin are asking their colleagues to sign onto a letter supporting robust funding of the International Affairs Budget, which includes Peace Corps funding. We are close to having a majority of the Senate sign onto this important letter!

Follow this link to see if your Senator has already signed on.


Please email a message following instructions in the link above, or call the Senate switchboard (202-224-3121) as soon as possible. Ask to be connected to your Senator's office, identify yourself as a constituent and leave the following message:

"I am calling to urge Senator _____ to sign onto the DeWine-Feinstein-Santorum-Durbin letter which supports a full appropriation of the President's international affairs budget request."

Additional Notes:

--The current deadline for signing on (May 12) will be slightly extended. Action through the weekend and early next week is needed and acceptable.

--As Senators Cochran (R-MS) and Byrd (D-WV) will be the recipients of the letter, rather than asking them to sign on, constituents should express support for the DeWine-Feinstein international affairs letter and ask these Senators to give the letter their full consideration.

Thanks for taking action. Have a great weekend.

Jonathan Pearson (Micronesia 87 - 89)
Advocacy Coordinator
National Peace Corps Association

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