Wednesday, April 04, 2007

[FOG news] Helping Guineans: organizations and ideas

As I posted on the blog recently, I am trying to compile a list of suggestions on ways RPCVs and other Guineaphiles can help Guineans. While the general strike may be over, the living and economic conditions remain extremely difficult.

So as part of my research, does anyone know of any international organizations (besides the Peace Corps) who've left Guinea? Or of any that are still there? If you've heard anything, please let me know. You can either email me anything you've heard at:

communications @

Or simply leave a comment on this blog entry.

Additionally, if you've organized any fundraisers recently to help Guineans and would like to share details, please email me a little writeup. (And for this part, email is preferable so I can give this their own entries). I know there's a lot of energy and good will out there, but I think some people are at loss to know how specifically they can help. And I was hoping by sharing what some have done, others may get ideas.

-Brian Farenell
FOG Communications Director

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