Tuesday, April 17, 2007

[Guinean news] Plane crashes into state broadcasting house

Yesterday, a Guinean military jet crashed into a building in Conakry housing the RTG, Guinea's state-run radio and TV stations. It was during routine military exercises

Amazingly, there were no serious casualties, only "some slight injuries in the panic that followed the collision (involving) broken glass," according to Guinea's communications minister.

Apparently, the RTG building is located just across the street from the US embassy in Conakry. An embassy spokesman said no one was hurt at the US mission and the embassy building not damaged.

Reuters reports that the crash sparked clashes between angry crowds and the police. Reportedly, some of the youths suspected the plane crash was an attempt to undermine the new government of Lansana Kouyate, named last month as consensus prime minister under a deal to end the general strike.

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