Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Thousands in Washington call for justice, with women in the lead"

From: Alliance Guinea (reposted with permission)

Thousands in Washington call for justice, with women in the lead
With a huge showing of women in the lead, an estimated 5000 people from at least 11 states across the east coast and Midwest – Guineans and friends of Guinea – marched in front of the White House and to the US State Department today to increase awareness of the atrocities of September 28 and to demand justice for the victims and help for a transition to democratic elections in Guinea. The marchers highlighted in particular the horrific violence committed against women that day and made it clear that these sacrifices must not be in vain.

In addition to the march, members of the Movement of Guinean Women in the United States and the Guinean Forces Vives in the US met with staff at the State Department where they fully briefed the African bureau on the current situation in Guinea and discussed strategies for continued U.S. support of an end to military rule in the country. In addition, a second delegation of Guinean civil society members and American friends of Guinea met with the staff of key offices on Capitol Hill to raise awareness of the situation in Congress and garner additional support.

Submitted this letter in the name of the Movement of Guinean Women and Guinean Forces Vives in the US and Alliance Guinea, clearly making the case for why action is needed now and what further steps the United States in particular can take to accelerate the transition.

In addition to people residing in Washington DC, marchers came in from Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Ohio, Indiana, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland, with 17 buses from New York alone to show unity and solidarity for the people of Guinea and demand that action be taken now in the name of human rights and democracy.

Were you at the march? What was it like to express your views in front of the White House, State Department, and US Congress? Share with us your experiences here.

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Here is a link to some great photos of the march.