Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Twitter update (11/12-11/18)

Note: I'm beginning a weekly series of blog entries highlighting selected stories from FOG's Twitter feed. This is for the benefit of blog readers who do not wish to subscribe to the feed. However those that are interested are encouraged to subscribe our Twitter feed to get all stories by going to and clicking 'follow'.

Some stories from the last seven days... to view any of the stories, just click on the tite...

-Dissolution of the Guinean national soccer team for poor results and indiscipline (in French) --

-South Africans 'training Guinea junta' -- Johannesburg Daily Mail & Guardian

-Dadis creates his own political party (in French) -- Web Guinée

-Moussa Conte is the second son of the Guinea's former president to be charged with drugs trafficking -- BBC WS Focus on Africa

-Guinea Military Threatens Problems if Current Leader is Forced Out -- Voice of America

-Guinea: after the massacre, the economy suffocated -- Eco89

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