Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ebola Outbreak Update

     The situation in Guinea continues to be relatively stable, according to the World Health Organization's most recent assessment, released on November 12. Transmission of the Ebola virus is steady, with Conakry and parts of the Forest region continuing to be the most severely hit areas. Siguiri has also emerged as a pivotal prefecture in the regional fight against Ebola, in light of the news that the virus has spread once again to Mali, including its capital city, Bamako.

     The official numbers as of November 12 were as follows: 1,878 cases with 1,142 deaths in Guinea alone. Of the 34 total prefectures in Guinea, only 10 remain completely unscathed, mostly clustered in the northern Fouta Djallon.

     With respect to Peace Corps' presence in Guinea, Volunteers who were evacuated will not be returning anytime soon, but will have the option of reinstatement, if the situation should clear up by October 31, 2015. Currently, Peace Corps Guinea staff and administration are hopeful that G27's spring arrival date will hold, but the situation will need to improve dramatically before then. Nevertheless, staff and administration are continuing operations as normal in Guinea, albeit with CDC oversight.

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