Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ebola Relief Fund Grantees

     For several weeks now, Friends of Guinea, along with its sister organizations in Sierra Leone and Liberia, has been soliciting grant proposals from Host Country Nationals combating Ebola in the affected region. In collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association, the organizations are seeking worthy proposals of up to $3,000, with the intention of supporting local grassroots organizations that may not have other sources of funding.

     While the Ebola Relief Fund campaign continues, and we are still seeking grant proposals, we are happy to announce that three deserving proposals have been selected from Guinea in the first round. The NGOs AGEDD, AGUIFPEG, and Amis du Monde pour le Developpement, have each been selected to receive $3,000 to advance their cause. Each NGO is operating in a district that has seen Ebola cases: AGEDD is seeking to raise awareness in public places such as mosques and markets around Forecariah; AGUIFPEG of Kindia is aiming to promote awareness through theater; and AMD will be using its funds to transport supplies and hire community organizers in the heavily affected N'zerekore district.

     We at FOG are very grateful for all of the applications that we received and all of the work being done on the ground in the region. We are, furthermore, excited to continue receiving proposals as the campaign continues, and we hope that we can help to make some difference in the communities where these organizations operate.

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